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11/11/11 – 11:11.11 | HOW THE MICRO-WAVE MOVIES BEGAN

A group of disorganized drug addicts, homeless and mentally ill travelers had attempted, with little success, to convince wealthy investors that they were genius filmmakers. Using questionable and definitely illegal tactics they scoured the vast land of Canada for a rich patron to turn their psychotic visions into realities, to no avail. Disheartened, they retreated to a junkyard to smash stuff up with pipes and bats and steel-tipped tire irons, a well-known stress reliever.

As their stolen watches rolled over to 11:11 pm they simultaneously fainted.

After a few moments the group arose from the twisted metal with a vivid shared hallucination: a black Sun rising over the Hollywood Hills, a big bang of their collective minds: Micro-Wave Movies. It was as if the junkyard had been transformed into the world’s greatest film studio. They would no longer need fat cat investors. They could use the loose food from the junkyard as their make-up kits and the sawdust for their sound gear. They agreed to complete their new movies no matter the cost, without any aid from any unclean corporate sponsorship or interloping investors to cloud their vision.


With a new Micro-Wave Movies attitude in place HIDDEN HORIZONS intuitively knew life on earth was not going to be easy. They were literally getting spit on on a daily basis. It became obvious they weren’t wanted on this planet. With this heavy realization the company made the decision to leave the confines of Earth once and for all. They quickly gathered up all the spare parts they could find, except this time they weren’t building homemade movie equipment, they were building a homemade spaceship (and a bong too to be honest). Saying goodbye to their loved ones wasn’t going to be easy, but to realize their dream from 11:11:11, the black Hollywood hills, sacrifices had to be made, and if those sacrifices happen to be travelling across the universe making movies with aliens, so be it. While the spaceship was being built and finalized for takeoff HIDDEN HORIZONS shot it’s one and only project from the ground, Five-O Psycho.

Five-O Psycho | An Interlude From The Ground
PLOT: A straight-laced cop is prescribed an experimental medication causing him to transform into a violent psychopath trapped in a neon nightmare.


With Five-O Psycho completed, HIDDEN HORIZONS boarded their newly constructed spaceship and sped into the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Immediately it became obvious the spaceship was more than a little dangerous from all the ramshackle parts. The faster the ship ascended the more the parts began to disassemble. While making their harrowing final exit, they lost most of the food, passengers, and luggage that had originally boarded with them. RIP. It was sort of like that scene in Rambo where you think he’s going to be strapped but then he loses all his gear seconds later jumping out of a plane. Regardless, HIDDEN HORIZONS, in rough and tumble shape, fulfilled one of the hardest parts of the quest, they made it into outer space. Space was fun for maybe two seconds before the Voice began yelling in everyone’s head just like it had before on 11:11:11. It told them that before you can travel to your first planet you must face the Sun. The Sun has seen your entire past. The Sun has seen everything. It told HIDDEN HORIZONS you must face your desire for fame and conquer it. The Sun is fame. It then made Brewster smash his head against a wall, which was pretty funny. It was like straight out of a Tarkovsky flick. So with these newly implanted thoughts, HIDDEN HORIZONS, set the controls for the heart of the sun.

Hollywood Hoax | Sun O One
PLOT: A fame-hungry businessman stages a fake movie to propose to his girlfriend but the plan goes awry when she becomes convinced the movie will be a multi-million dollar success.

REEL | Sun O Two
PLOT: One of the sickest bloodbaths in horror movie history occurs after a deranged stalker becomes obsessed with real life horror film critic Todd Smith.

Toxic Tom’s Halloween Special | An Interlude From The Sun
PLOT: We travel back to 2006 as drinking legend, Toxic Tom, delivers a Halloween special for all ages.

Toxic Tom | Sun O Three
PLOT: Drinking legend and fishing expert extraordinaire, Toxic Tom, takes on his biggest challenge yet as he crawls out of retirement to capture the mythological Glamor Monster.

Sour Diesel | Sun O Four
PLOT: After a series of violent robberies the lives of three drug dealers spin out of control as they desperately attempt to gather the missing cash at all costs.

Matt Sawyers vs. the World | Sun O Five
PLOT: The story of Matt Sawyers.

…more stories to come


Sometimes when travelling through space making cosmic entertainment we find movies and shorts aren’t enough to convey our message to the galaxy, a message we’re still hoping to figure out one day. That’s when we inject some spinach into our veins and shoot some footage for one of our series! Some of these series are all finished up, some have been banned in several countries, and some we are still shooting new episodes for.

Freaky Fuckin Friday | Infinity S Zero
HIDDEN HORIZONS web series devoted to cult and horror.

Highest I Ever Got | Infinity S One
Chris Goodwin and Chris Brewster battle to see who has been more high in their lifetime.

Goosebumps Review | Infinity S Two
Chris Brewster tackles the hard questions in life as he works his way through the entire R.L. Stine Goosebumps book collection.

The Top Best Things of All Time | Infinity S Three
Dave McCready’s lists tackle everything from fun and entertainment to the coolest people in the world!


Micro-Wave Movies


HIDDEN HORIZONS will never stop making movies.
So while we greatly appreciate any donation given we never want to depend on your own money to make a movie like certain scumbag Hollywood filmmakers.
We offer you art for free. Whether you feel it’s worth anything is entirely up to you.

-Any money donated goes strictly into the pockets of the cast/crew/local investors who put money into the movie
-If any excess money is generated after everyone is paid back it’s split between the main cast and crew who worked on the movie with appropriate percentages with a small token percentage going to HIDDEN HORIZONS.
-Viacom Inc, Time-Warner, Liberty Media Corporation, Comcast, Sony etc do not benefit from our movies at all, nor ever will.

HOLLYWOOD HOAX COST: $989 (ongoing)

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