PLOT: REEL is my masterpiece film starring found footage expert Todd Smith. He said he would die to be famous, so I got my family together and we made his dreams come true.


CAST: Todd Smith


DIRECTED BY: Slashervictim666








REEL Extra Bar


BEHIND THE MOVIE: This is the first movie of Slashervictim666. HIDDEN HORIZONS met Slashervictim666 randomly during an all night chat roulette session. We knew immediately he was an odd character but we bonded over an appreciation for classical Italian art. Ever since then he has been trying to get us to release one of his movies. Well, he finally got his wish because here is his movie for you all to enjoy. Beware – it’s made with the hands of a madman. HIDDEN HORIZONS can only claim so much responsibility.

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Micro-Wave Movies


HIDDEN HORIZONS will never stop making movies.
So while we greatly appreciate any donation given we never want to depend on your own money to make a movie like certain scumbag Hollywood filmmakers.
We offer you art for free. Whether you feel it’s worth anything is entirely up to you.

-Any money donated goes strictly into the pockets of the cast/crew/local investors who put money into the movie
-If any excess money is generated after everyone is paid back it’s split between the main cast and crew who worked on the movie with appropriate percentages with a small token percentage going to HIDDEN HORIZONS.
-Viacom Inc, Time-Warner, Liberty Media Corporation, Comcast, Sony etc do not benefit from our movies at all, nor ever will.

HOLLYWOOD HOAX COST: $989 (ongoing)

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