PLOT: A straight-laced cop is prescribed an experimental medication causing him to transform into a violent psychopath trapped in a neon nightmare.


CAST: Mansur Ahmad as Five-O Psycho


DIRECTED BY: Chris Goodwin









BEHIND THE MOVIE: Five-O Psycho is one of the dream projects of HIDDEN HORIZONS. Which means we are dreaming in thinking anyone will ever help us make it into a full movie. Unlike a lot of other HIDDEN HORIZONS movies that will be coming out very soon Five-O Psycho is a more expensive concept. We have spent years writing and tailoring the script to what it is today, which in our eyes is a neon-nutbag-masterpiece. Unfortunately when we shot the short we had very limited resources. Most of the money came from the cast and crew’s own pockets. The intention was to spend a couple days shooting a few general scenes that had the loose vibe of what we hoped the movie would eventually be. So with the time and budget the original set pieces were forced to shrink in size. A small example being; instead of Five-O Psycho fighting 70 guys in a neon-lit-blood-soaked-swimming-pool like we have in the script, we had him fight one guy in a dark alley.

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  1. i just watched the trailer for fiveopsycho and really loved it… it is a million times better than a lot of low budget films i have watched before… a massive well done to all of you guys :)

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