Hey all, Chris Goodwin here. Sorry for the lack of updates but finally our first movie is being uploaded as we speak. If everything stays uploading smoothly you should be able to watch it tonight, right around the time of the Oscar ceremony. Up until then, all today, ALOT of Hollywood Hoax stuff should be hitting the web.

Also, on the back end just starting the finishing stages of our next project REEL. It’s a gritty horror movie. Should be coming out real soon.

But yeah basically enjoy Hollywood Hoax. There will also be a new section to the site introduced with Hollywood Hoax where you will be able to click and watch our movies with no signup or hassles.


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Alma Rubens was a screen actress who became one of the earliest victims of the Hollywood star system.

“I have been miserable for so long. I only went to professional men to seek relief from my pain. Each time they said, ‘Take this for the pain and you will be able to go on.’ When they first started giving me this horrible poison I did know what it was. I went from one to the other. One even laughed when I told him I craved the drug and said, ‘Don’t be afraid, you will not need any more after you are well!’

But they went on and on giving me this thing. As long as my money held out I could get drugs. I was afraid to tell my mother, my best friends. My only desire has been to get drugs and take them in secrecy. If only I could go on my knees before the police or before a judge and beg them to make stiffer laws so that men will refuse to take dirty dollars from murderers who sell this poison and who escape punishment when caught by buying their way out.”

Alma Rubens died on January 22, 1931. She was 33. You can find her star resting on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6409 Hollywood Blvd.


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